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The didactic farm’s project is born from the need to have a concrete and organized instrument to give kids consciousness about our environment.

Our goal is to stimulate in them compatible behaviors with the nature, through the knowledge of the natural world that sorrounds us.

The primary goal of our “agri-school” is to rouse the curiosity for the country life, and the observation of the territory and the animal world, nowadays almost unknown for our kids.


Only with a deep knowledge of the nature and its laws we can create an “environmental conscience” and try to safeguard our planet and, indirectly but strictly related, even our health.


The project is articulated in didactical “routes” to make concrete experiences trough the direct observation of:

  • nature’s rhythms and circles
  • the earth’s products ( both cultivated or spontaneous )
  • the work and the tools of the farmer
  • the life of animals, in particular horses’ and donkeys’


The goals are:

  • Direct approach with nature, observing it closely
  • Exploring and discovery local flora and fauna
  • Getting to know the main cultivations of our territory: olives and cherries, and the other plants of the Mediterranean area
  • Experiencing direct contact with horses and donkeys, in their role of “relationships mediums“ during the exchange between man and animal
  • Knowing those animals’ world and habits
  • “Saddle baptize”, to gift the kids an important emotional experience
  • Stimulate in the kids conscious and responsible behaviors related to themselves and others
  • Stimulate the sensorial, imaginative and creative dimension of the kids



The horse lovers have the chance to attend horse riding lessons at the structure’s barn. It has qualified instructors and 4 different riding fields, one of them is covered and enlighted.


Horse riding lessons are available for the ones who stay overnight in the structure and buy dedicated pacchetti???????, which include insurance to an entity in the sector, part of the CONI.

You can ask about “horse riding PACCHETTI”’s information with an email, we’ll answer you as soon as we can, in base of availability.





We’re constantly looking for peculiar activities to offer you, to make your stay in our structure more interesting, enjoying our territory.


  • We offer you to look at “eventi esperienziali” offered by our dear friends of Taste&Culture, who propose a calendar full of events related to culture, food, manufacturing, traditions and wine; which lasts all year long.
  • Release of loggerhead tortoises.

You can live the touching experience of the release of rescued turtles near Bisceglie’s port, using dinghies and sealing boats.

For infos: 3291562781, WWF Fabrizio

  • Astronomical observatory at Casale Pacciano, nicknamed “stars’ Casale” ( Via Vecchia Corato km4 ). Cured by “Associazione Trekking Astrofili Physics”, an association which also works organizing trekking routes in Apulia.

For infos: look on their facebook page or call 3476490082

  • “Reiki treatment” in structure

Reiki is a spiritual practice used as an alternative therapy for physical, emotional and mental ailments.

For infos: Ugo 3337504003

  • Yoga in nature

A set of studied, practices and theories which aim to help us to be happy and live better, with greater awareness, strength of mind, physical and emotional well-being. Yoga is also a 360-degree lifestyle, ranging from the practice of positions, to the search for a healthy and conscious lifestyle, which is based on certain ethical and moral norms. It is a path towards evolution, which helps us feel good, fit, full and satisfied with our life, and which helps us to give meaning to our existence.

Infos: Maria 3475015700

  • BioNatural disciplines

Shiatsu acupressure treatments

Jin Shin Do (R) acupressure treatments

Holistic relaxing treatments

Chinese foot massage

Tai Chi Chuan

Infos: DeAeBDN studio 339670907

  • Meditation in nature – well being laboratory

Naturopathic Counseling – Helpful Relationship with Psychosomatic Approach – Personal Growth Paths – School of Spirituality – Holistic Well Being

Infos: Adriana 3336899274

  • In Apulia, history, culture, food and wine, tradition and folklore come together in a perfect mix that allows visitors to experience a unique and unforgettable experience.

Worthy of note are the “Wine Way”, a food and wine itinerary that includes visits at important cellars and stops in typical catering places, and the “Oil Way”, tourist loom in the territories of Andria, Barletta, Bisceglie, Corato, Minervino Murge, Canosa di Puglia and Trani, with visits and tastings in ancient oil mills.

Of considerable interest are the now famous days of “Open Cellars” which take place in spring and autumn, “Vin’ a Trani “in March and” Calici di Stelle” in August;

“Goblets in the Ancient Village” and “Books in the Ancient Village” in Bisceglie between October and November.

In craftsmanship, the art ceramics in Terlizzi stand out: by visiting the workshops it is possible to observe the entire processing cycle and appreciate this craft with centuries-old traditions, where dexterity and intellect meet.

  • Bikes rental

Corato: Cicli EuroBike S.P. 231 km 32.7 c / o Excecutive Center 0808986401

Trani: Fitness The Bicycle Via G. Falcone 250883489759

  • Fishing tourism

Sightseeing and underwater fishing on a fishing boat

Infos: Marilena 3316289813

  • Sailing boat excursions

On the “One Day” Infos: Carlo 3290089925

On other ships cured by Bisceglie Approdi, infos:

  • Sailing lessons

Italian Naval Sports League Via Libertà Infos: 0803957895

Sailing Club Bisceglie ASD Largo Porta di Mare 9 Infos: 3493532364

  • Skindiving

Lessons and immersions at Torre Calderina c/o Lido Nettuno S.S. 16km771

Infos: 3391534306

  • Beaches and lidos

Bisceglie: free beaches of Macello, Pretore, La Salata, Salsello, La Torretta, La Testa e molte altre…..

Lido Salsello – Via Vito Siciliani

Lido Marè – Via Mauro Dell’Olio Molfetta:

Oasi Naturale Tore Calderina c/o Lido NettunoS.S.16 km 771Trani:

Lido Matinelle – Strada Costiera Colonna 55




To stay up to date on major events throughout Puglia:

(institutional website of the Apulia Region)