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Our farm has a mixed production address; among the crops: cherries, almonds and mainly olives.

The artisanal productions of our farm consist of: jams, preserves, various liqueurs and oil.

Our most important product is, in fact, PDO EVO OIL from Cultivar Coratina.

The olive groves of the farms we run and own are grown organically.

For some soils, periodic plowing is carried out while for others the grass is cut only, leaving the resulting vegetable mixture on the ground.

A superficial fertilization is carried out only once a year with manure from the horses of our own breeding.

The fungicide and insecticide spraying are carried out with absolutely natural products, while pesticides and herbicides have been totally banned for years.

Pruning is practiced in compliance with the traditions of our Apulia, removing all the branches with an ascending bearing, leaving the hanging ones.

This technique causes the relapse of the sap that better nourishes the fruits at the expense of fruitless vegetation.

With this procedure a better resistance of the plants to prolonged drought is obtained, giving greater nutritional contribution to the fruits which consequently have a very low acidity.


The olives are harvested by hand directly from the trees to avoid bruises that would cause negative effects on the flavor.

The company renounces harvesting from plants whose fruits appear unsuitable for producing high quality oil.

The harvested olives are left to rest for just one day, after which they are washed and pressed with traditional machines.


The mixture obtained, transferred to fiscoli(???), is pressed in special presses and only the oil that comes out in the first 30 – 40 minutes gets taken.

The oil thus obtained is poured into steel containers and stored in suitable places for about two months to allow the suspended fruit particles to settle on the bottom.

It is then decanted into other steel containers to obtain a further decantation

After leaving it to rest again for another two months, the product is bottled in the company without having undergone any filtering operation, not even manual.

However, despite having carried out two decanting, our oil always continues to generate deposits on the bottom of the bottles, being a living and natural product for which the physical process of decanting continues.

Some of our oils are produced with 100% pure monocultivar which enhances the unique specificity of the single variety of olives.

Our company guarantees the entire production chain, from cultivation to bottling.

Our product is in its own essence totally genuine and typical, obtained by respecting all the stages of a rigorous quality specification.

All wholly extra virgin olive oils have a slight bitter taste; this confirms that it is a real olive juice, without any processing.

The oil of Puglia, especially the Coratina monocultivar oil, leaves a slight tingling sensation perceived as an aftertaste.

This attribute is extremely positive as it denotes the presence of polyphenols, which are very valuable for health.

The polyphenols, with a high antioxidant power, first of all protect the fruit on the plant and then the oil from rancidity, enhancing the typical flavor of the original cultivars.

Phenols also perform very important biological activities for the prevention of cardiovascular and degenerative diseases: they are antioxidants, prevent aging, purify the blood, promote brain development, fight osteoporosis and an unspecified number of other ailments.

Most of the farms of the company, in addition to being included in the broader territorial scope of the D.O.P. Protected designation of origin “Terra di Bari”, are specifically part of the geographical area with a controlled designation of origin “Castel del Monte” while only one land is located in the geographical area with a controlled designation of origin “Bitonto”.

The farm where the company headquarters is located is located within the area called “Castel del Monte extra virgin olive oil road”.


Furthermore, our company produces pickled olives, jams, preserves and liqueurs with completely artisanal methods, using only herbs, berries and fruits grown on their own wild and spontaneous farms that are born in the uncultivated areas within the company.

Shipments are made in Italy and abroad, including to private individuals.

For any orders please contact us.




Sweet flavor with hints of fresh almond, musk and lemons.

Enhances boiled fish and all delicately cooked foods.



Scent of meadow grass with nuances of toasted and ground pepper aftertaste.

It sweetens the bitters of the grill and explodes of fresh and aromatic taste.

It is the best for grilling.