Let us introduce ourselves!

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Risen as a farm in the 1986, Le Vedute opened its doors to the touristic hospitality in the 1992. During the years, the receptivity gradually increased, until to reach the current 20 rooms that, together to the breakfast room, face the swimming pool.

Our agritourism is yearly published on the “Guida Rossa Michelin” since 2013.

The estate is placed in the country of Bisceglie, absorbed by secular olive trees and Mediterranean essences.

The main cultivations of the farm, olive and cherries trees, have been enriched with typical plants of the Mediterranean flora, which carob, mastic, myrtle, maritime pines, pomegranate, laurel, holm oak, eucalyptus, many others, together with aromatic essences such as rosemary, mint, chillies, sage, thyme….

Inside of the farm there are three “trulli”, witnesses of the agricultural culture of the territory, and of the reuse of the available material: the stone. The same thing happened for the delimitation of the perimeter of the structure, made of local stone as well.

The terrace of the farm offers a 360 degrees panoramic sight: at north there’s the sea; all around an expanse of olive trees, further can be seen the cities of Ruvo di Puglia, Terlizzi, Molfetta, Bisceglie.

In the clearer days, even “Castel del Monte” and the “promontorio del Gargano” are visible.

The structure is 7km away from Bisceglie, a history and monuments filled city.

The city can boast 7km of beaches of white pebbles, alternated to stretches of rock, where is possible admiring a large variety of aquatic flora and fauna.